Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients We Manufacture

Name CAS # Therapeutic category Document
Ambroxol Hydrochloride 23828-92-4 Expectorant CEP 
Acebrophylline 179118-73-1 Mucolytic-Bronchodilator Op.DMF
Doxofylline 69975-86-6 Bronchodilator ASMF 
Theophylline 58-55-9 Bronchodilator Op.DMF
Etofylline 519-55-9 Bronchodilator Op.DMF
Acefylline Piperazine 18428-63-2 / 18833-33-1 Bronchodilator Op.DMF
Acefylline 652-37-9 Bronchodilator Op.DMF
Caffeine 58-08-2 Stimulant Op.DMF
Gliclazide 21187-98-4 Anti-Diabetic Op.DMF
Glimepiride 93479-97-1 Anti-Diabetic Op.DMF
Pamabrom 606-04-2 Diuretic Op.DMF
Orphenadrine Citrate 4682-35-4 Muscle Relaxant Tech Pack
Orphenadrine HCl 341-69-5 Muscle Relaxant Tech Pack
Ivabradine HCl 148849-67-6 Antianginal Op. DMF
Dorzolamide HCl 130693-82-2 Anti-glaucoma Op. DMF under preparation
Montelukast Sodium 151767-02-1 Antiasthmatic, Antiallergic Op. DMF under preparation
Bromhexine HCl 611-75-6 Mucolytic Expectorant Op. DMF under preparation
Metadoxine 74536-44-0 Hepatoprotective agent Op. DMF under preparation


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Products with valid Patents not offered for sale

Complying BP / Ph.Eur / USP / In-house Specifications.

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